Our Company

The market leader in professional process serving for the nationwide legal community.

Nationwide Process Server

Due ProcessUSA has become the market leader in service of process nationwide by our core dedication to responding to client demands and keeping pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.

The corporate architecture of Due ProcessUSA reflects our leadership's penchant for bridging industry hurdles with revolutionary ideas. In order to increase sales and to carve our niche in the legal community Due ProcessUSA has incorporated an innovative approach to the industry by projecting a new image of the process server, to our clients and those we serve, using the computer technology of the day and fresh customer service techniques.

The company continues its leadership by setting stringent customer service guidelines for its employees to follow as well as setting the most powerful on-line customer service standards in the industry. Due ProcessUSA’s staff of highly trained professionals give our clients a level of comfort in knowing that our attention to detail and proactive customer service will provide them with complete and concise handling of their service of process needs.

Due ProcessUSA has accepted the responsibility of being an extension of the law firms we work for and demand of ourselves the same professional ethics and fortitude.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Due ProcessUSA is to provide the legal community nationwide reliable, innovative, technology-based alternatives in the fields of service of process and skip-tracing. Through our high level of experience, knowledge and professionalism Due ProcessUSA will provide our clients with an aggressive, fresh approach to an industry whose reputation has been one of unreliability.

Our focus and dedication to customer service will enable Due ProcessUSA to effectively respond to the constantly changing demands of the industry and our clients, maintaining the highest level of performance by our attention to detail, which will be reflected in the quality of service we provide.