Services of Process Nationwide

Nationwide Process Serving and Skip-Tracing require a professional, knowledgeable, pro-active support structure to provide law firms, insurance companies, in-house corporate counsel and individuals with timely, accurate service. A major part of this service is consistent and concise communication between the process serving company and its clientèle.

Services Provided :

Service of Process and Skip-tracing historically has been provided by local individuals or smaller “Mom & Pop” companies. No longer are those seeking a process server dependent on these smaller companies and individuals, who lack the support structure and customer service ideals that Due ProcessUSA provides our clients. Due ProcessUSA has created a nationwide network of over 1200 process servers in every county of every state in the United States. Due ProcessUSA looks upon itself as a direct extension of the firms we service. Our “Buck-Stops-Here” attitude ensures that we provide our clientele with the best customer service in the process serving industry.

Serving process is not just delivering our clients documents. Due ProcessUSA’s service to our clients begins when our clients contact us and ends only when their case is adjudicated.